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All articles submitted to The Journal of Engine Research must be original (not copying other data) and not published or submitted for the publication else journals. All articles should be submitted electronically through the website to send for reviewing. Authors are asked to consider all topics of publication ethics in writing their articles. After the acceptation of an article and before its publication, the copyright form should be signed by all authors. Authors are responsible for each material in their published articles including the accuracy, the credit and the validity of all materials and also all topics of publication ethics.

Authors of a submitted article claim that their scientific materials are related only to their scientific activities. Utilizing other comments or sentences, in the title of an original research, is not ethical and it is a serious illegal, which entitled "plagiarism". Besides mentioning utilized references, all or a part of materials in articles should not be a part of or copied from published or un-published manuscripts.

The Journal of Engine Research keeps confidential all details about submitted articles and do not comment to any outside organization about manuscripts under consideration by the journals while they are under consideration or if they are rejected. The journal editor-in-chief may comment publicly on published articles, but their comments are restricted to the content itself to evaluate articles. Referees of articles submitted to The Journal of Engine Research maintain confidentiality of manuscripts and any other data.

According to the reviewing system in The Journal of Engine Research, each submitted article will be sent to two reviewers based on a double-blind peer review process. It should be noted that if one reviewer accept the article and the other reject it, the third reviewer will determine the article status. After the final acceptance, the article will be published in print and electronic (open access) versions. 

*The Journal of Engine Research has applied to become a member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and accepted all COPE statements.

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